Does LfxLab do commercial work?

Yes, we welcome suggestions to both non-commercial and commercial work and collaborations.
However, if you are a client who...

1) requests for free tests,
2) expects endless revisions,
3) expects us to work overtime/ during the weekend,

4) isn't willing to spend money on research (if applicable to the job),
5) expects quality work at a bargain price...

Then we are, unfortunately, not the team you are looking for.

Please also note that, we generally only consider non-urgent jobs since our director has a busy schedule, and may be traveling out of town, or giving a talk at a school.

Does LfxLab do test jobs?

The short answer would be "no". The longer answer is "yes, but on condition." For example, for CG test jobs, we would use our own models to avoid the test becoming free work for the client.

Why are you charging so much for just an image/ a design/ an idea/ a talk, etc.?

When you commission us for a project, you are paying for a project manager to follow up on the job, the guys who work on the 3D and design, and so on. Even for teaching gigs, it takes time and resources to do the research, and prepare notes. And of course, it definitely takes more than one person to accomplish that task!

Even if you are looking to request for CG advising from our director, it would still cost money. You may think that just a simple meeting should not cost anything, but time is money. (As a point of reference, he is paid at least 500 HKD per hour to teach or give talks.) Plus, a meeting means more than just mere chatting. It may end up involving more work on the spot.

Why do your office hours start so late?

It just feels super counterproductive to have our employees rush to work early only to get stuck in traffic jams during peak hour. Opening up in the late mornings also leave employees some time before work to run personal errands with the bank and government. A happy team makes a productive team. :)