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The Lighting Effects Laboratory - H2o Design affiliated organization

H2o Design @ LfxLab is a dedicated team of researchers, 3D illustrators, and animation professionals based in Hong Kong. We are united under the belief that computer graphics is the perfect combination of science, culture and art, where concepts are visualized and ideas realized.

Current areas of research include animation and visual culture, where we collect and study local and international works in the field for our extensive library. Topics of interest is not limited to mainstream features, but also independent shorts, scientific animation and educational pieces. We are a staunch supporter of CG Visual, an online media of CG and VFX news, providing research and article content in addition to what we have in our large library.

Our lab also focuses on CG lighting and rendering visual experiments, adopting a research-based approach to our wide range of projects: from medical to architectural illustrations, mechanical to surreal art.

LfxLab is a gathering place for individuals with a vision for innovation and design. When you approach us with a job, we will gather our artists and subcontract freelancers at the studio, and if needed, collaborate with other studios. Usually, if the project has a very specific style, or involves filming and video production, we would subcontract that portion to outside studios. This varies from project to project and we assemble the team depending on availability and what the best fit for the job is.

We welcome multimedia collaborations, experimenting with projection design for theatre and events, and costume and image design for game, video, to theatre productions. We provide consultation in the areas of story, concept design, and image design for topics from science fiction to cross-cultural topics in film and video productions. Other services include corporate image design - from logos, corporate colors and uniforms to advertising.

We are interested in exploring new possibilities of CG and potential opportunities of working with you.
Should you be interested, please feel free to contact us at info@lfxlab.com.