Research Interests

We believe that knowledge is as important as skill, and that it is just as important to be informed in the scientific and cultural aspects behind our projects. Hence, the lab maintains a regularly-updated library and is dedicated to ongoing researches on the following topics:


Animation & Film

VFX & Animation Industry, History & Development (local and global) *
Animation Visual Styles
(comparison between Hollywood animation styles with the Asian & European scenes) *
Material, Lighting, & Rendering in CG (theory and practical usage) *
Science Fiction in VFX Films & Animation
(future studies and world building)
Vampires & Werewolves in Contemporary Fantasy
Character Design
(costume and image design, mascot design) *
Character Redesign from Comic to Film


Design & Culture

Creative Thinking
Visual Culture
(history and fabric of costumes)
Subculture (internet subculture, with a focus on local HK internet culture)
Comparative Mythology
(comparison of Chinese mythology with that of other cultures, including Japan, South Asia, Oceania, Northern Europe, Greece, and the Middle East) *
Life & Death Education
(history and visual symbolism in HK cemeteries) *
Character Design
(costume and image design, mascot design)
Character Redesign from Comic to Film


* Knowledge Sharing

Apart from performing researches in the above areas, we also believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge with the younger generations. With this belief in mind, we have held events including talks and tours related to design and visual culture, including:

Student Visits to Exhibitions Related to Animation & Multi-media
Cemetery Tours with a Focus on Cultural History, Symbolism and Design
Visits to Exhibitions Related to Ancient Military Technology
(Ancient Rome, Da Vinci, etc.)
Local Tours to Heritage Sites on Architecture, Local Culture, & Heritage
Exhibition Tours Discussing the Similarities Between World Mythologies